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Black Art Matters


Burton-Edwards (2020)

It’s time to celebrate for one of our own: high school senior Morrah Burton-Edwards from Louisiana is a finalist in this year’s Google Doodle competition! This year’s theme is “I show kindness by…” and according to Morrah wanted to showcase how love was shown in her family. The result is a wonderful testament to Black love.

I found this wonderful story breezing through the internet, and it made me think about Black art, its history and place in our lives, and how we can support it more.


Black art, like all art, is incredibly diverse. There’s sculptures, metallurgy, modern paintings, abstract, multimedia art. There’s also the Black art we’re used to seeing in every house growing up, including the famous Sugar Shack by Ernie Barnes in the header image of this post. Here’s a tweet showing more:


For some modern Black art you can revitalize your space with, check out these Black painters and illustrators for prints, paintings and commissions:

Melissa Koby 

Umar Rashid

Parker-Nia Gordon

Kashmir Thompson

There’s graffiti, one of the many things Black New Yorkers have created that has taken the world by storm:


And one of my personal favorites, Black animation.

To dive into a Black lens of animation, check out one of YouTube’s (semi) hidden gems, Toonrific Tariq. His review and his interview with Bruce Smith, creator of Proud Family are golden.


Everyone knows 2020 has been extremely less than ideal. But no one knows it like the Black community. This year has hit us hard, and like every other hard time we face, we express ourselves through incredible art. During the tumultuous times of the late 1910s to early 1930s, Black greats of their time were taking part in the Harlem Renaissance. The Black Arts Movement during the 60s and 70s introduced us to Faith Ringgold and some of the most important and meaningful Black works, like Amiri Baraka’s Black Art.

Black artists have been society’s window into our lives, culture, style and condition. Keep that tradition going and support Black artists today!


Happy 14th annual National Black Business Month! – Cultural Exchange Team